1 Month Fresh Food Supply


  • Please select the weight category that best fits your dog
  • Food will be packed on a daily required portion
  • 28-day supply worth will be delivered free to your doorstep
  • Easy to feed: Simply thaw 1 packet and split according to the number of meals a day
  • Gently cooked and blast frozen to retain freshness
  • Freshly made in our local AVA kitchen
  • Expiry of food: 6 months from time of delivery

How the order works

1. Select the weight category that fits your dog best.

2. Select the single-protein recipes you want to receive under the subscription plan. If you want to change the protein selection after the subscription, feel free to drop us a note.

3. Tell us your preferred delivery dates and anything that will be important in feeding your dog.

4. Submit your order and we will confirm the closest delivery date for you once we receive your order details.

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Beef: Grass-fed beef, offals, fresh sardine, spinach, kale, red cabbage, peas, pumpkin, celery, pumpkin seeds, calcium, sunflower oil*, flaxseed oil*, omega-3 oil, salmon oil

Pork: Pork tenderloin, offals, whole egg, fresh sardine, spinach, broccoli, carrots, parsley, lentils, calcium, flaxseed oil*, sunflower oil*, omega-3 oil, coconut oil*

Chicken: Antibiotic-free chicken breast, chicken thigh, offals, whole egg, fresh sardine, sweet potato, spinach, broccoli, carrots, kale, parsley, calcium, coconut oil*, flaxseed oil*, omega-3 oil, sunflower oil*

Fish: Norwegian mackerel, wild caught sardines, whitefish (depending on availability), chickpeas, sweet potato, egg, kale, broccoli, calcium, flaxseed oil*, sunflower oil*

*cold-pressed and organic

Vitamin D, E, Zinc, Copper

All recipes are complete and balanced for adult lifestage. This means we meet the AAFCO requirements at the minimum, although in reality we exceed those standards. We also add other natural sources and supplements providing an abundance of Vitamins A, B, C, D, E, K, Omega-3, 6, essential minerals and anti-oxidants.

Guaranteed Analysis: 40% protein min, max 15% carbohydrate

  • Boosts the immune system
  • Fights inflammation
  • Supports healthy digestive system to absorb nutrients
  • Supplies a rich source of essential fatty acids (Omega 3, 6 and 9), for healthy brain and cardiovascular functions
  • Maintains healthy skin condition
  • Supports the needs of ageing dogs

A choice of all proteins. You may select proteins and opt out of those you don’t want. All subscription plans come with a free bi-weekly delivery. If a weekly delivery is needed, there may be extra charges at cart checkout.

Clients on a subscription plan will receive customized packaging based on dog’s weight and daily feeding requirements. We pack by the daily required feeding portions so all you do is thaw and feed! Frequency of meals depends on your dog’s preference.

About The Canine Diet

The Canine Diet is a science-driven food company, focusing on the research, development and manufacture of canine dietary products and solutions.

Our solutions are supported by research and actual results, and are designed to improve the canine’s quality of nutrition and life.

We commit to greater accessibility to our products and knowledge, so all animals can benefit, regardless of background.

All our products are manufactured in an AVA licensed facility.

weight of dog

3-4kg, 5-6kg, 7-8kg, 9-10kg, 11-12kg, 13-15kg, 16-18kg, 19-21kg, 22-24kg, 25-27kg, 28-30kg

extra supplementation

Skin & Immune Support, Joint Support, None