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You can do that on our product page – click here. Once you are set up on a subscription order, delivery will be arranged on a bi-weekly basis and payment will be processed at the start of the subscription cycle. In case you wish to change either your choice of protein for the dog, feeding portions or delivery timing, please get in touch with us either by writing to us at or whatsapp (65) 9879 6949. We will revert to you within 1 working day.

If you like to try the TCD meal plans, you can shop under the Fresh section for the single-protein recipes. Alternatively, all our meal plans start off with a 1-month only subsription where you pay for only 1 month of supply. If you find it doesn’t work, or you need some modifications, you can reach out to us directly so we can help.¬†

For clients on the subscription plan and the elimination diet plan, we package the food based on your dog’s daily caloric requirements.

For clients who buy the standard packs of food, this is a generic guideline that will help you get started. Feed 3% of their body weight for maintenance. So say your adult dog weighs 7kg, that will be about 210g of food a day to keep his weight constant. If your dog is underweight, you may want to increase to 4% of his body weight.

Remember that a dog”s caloric requirements ultimately depend on his age, activity level and spayed/ non-spayed status. You have to monitor him more closely to ensure he is being adequately fed.

No, we don’t believe clients should be tied down in a subscription if their needs have changed! Just email us or text us to inform us to cancel your subscription before delivery.

We strive to deliver your order within 3 working days of placing the order. You will receive a notification from us informing you of the delivery date and time as we want to make sure you get your delivery at the earliest time possible. We are happy to accommodate rescheduling but we request clients to communicate their needs ahead of time! This is to ensure that our bandwidth is given to serve the next client.

For subscription orders, we will work with you on a convenient schedule for the bi-weekly delivery so you don’t run out of food!

Free delivery for all orders above $80. For orders below, we charge a delivery fee of $10.

Simply thaw overnight in chiller and serve to your dog! Some dogs may prefer warm food or a sensitive stomach – in which case, we recommend heating up the food lightly (e.g. steaming).

Yes, always. We operate an AVA-licensed facility for the manufacturing and processing of food. We follow strict standards to ensure full traceability and transparency in our products so clients know the food they receive. Please see our packaging for more details.

You’re not alone! But let’s try not to have you beg them to eat during mealtimes. We have had many owners of fussy dogs come to us and the good news is that our food has so far been well-received by the divas! In case your diva tops our charts, please write to us or whatsapp us so we can help identify the issue better.

Sorry strictly no refunds and exchanges if the food has been delivered. We do this to ensure that clients are assured they are always getting food from a fresh batch of production. If you are encountering difficulties with the order, we want to hear from you so please reach out!

If the food has not been delivered and you change your mind, that’s fine too – just write to us or whatsapp us and we can make refund or exchange arrangements for you.

About The Canine Diet

The Canine Diet is a science-driven food company, focusing on the research, development and manufacture of canine dietary products and solutions.

Our solutions are supported by research and actual results, and are designed to improve the canine’s quality of nutrition and life.

We commit to greater accessibility to our products and knowledge, so all animals can benefit, regardless of background.

All our products are manufactured in an AVA-licensed facility.