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Buy The Best Fresh Dog Foods Online in Singapore

Diet that starves disease

Discover the power of real food for your dogs

We are a local kitchen in Singapore, representing a community of dog owners striving to build and bring the best nutrition to our dogs.

So they can live longer and better. We have seen some amazing transformations and it is our mission to make the food our dogs deserve.

Fresh is best. Dogs thrive on a real diet with fresh food – complete and balanced for adequate nutrition in the correct proportions.

Whether you want a raw diet, freshly cooked diet or a home cooked diet for your dog, we have a wide range of solutions to ensure they get a balanced meal at great convenience and value.

Buy Fresh Dog Food Online

Keep it simple

For those who want to feed fresh food without all the hassle and planning, we offer a one-stop food delivery service to your doorstep! We make mealtime so easy for you – just thaw and feed fresh food. Leaving you more quality time to spend with your loved ones.

Buy Dog Foods Online

About The Canine Diet

The Canine Diet is a science-driven food company, focusing on the research, development and manufacture of canine dietary products and solutions.

Our solutions are supported by research and actual results, and are designed to improve the canine’s quality of nutrition and life.

We commit to greater accessibility to our products and knowledge, so all animals can benefit, regardless of background.

All our products are processed in an AVA-licensed facility.